Recording Session for Soothe.


I began my Recording Journey for CD3 on March 12-13 at Magic Cottage Studios (Lagunitas, CA) with Todd Boston co-producing and Andrea M. Boston covering photography and videography. Here are some outtakes from the first sessions.


I’ll be writing more about the album, the session and the players, in posts to follow.


Shambhu and Friends perform “Starbucks Landing” at the Global Heart Concert, Palo Alto CA – December 7 2013.  It’s a song from Shambhu’s CD “Dreaming of Now“.

Shambhu belongs to the generation of artists influenced by Will Ackerman’s label Windham Hill and his work as a producer, a big part of which contributed to global popularity of the New Age music genre. These artists created their own unique sounding interpretations, which differed greatly from the mystical orientation and relaxation background relaxation backgrounds of New Age.

Ackerman and his friends created a so called “American New Age” (I would even say “secular”), removing discrediting religious motives and electronics, building on live performance, and including all genres close and distant with a single goal: so that listeners would feel good and comfortable. This genre attracted real professionals with successful careers who filled charts and playlists with quality instrumental music independent of established beliefs and unbound by common practices, however not denying interest in them.

Shambhu never made it to Windham Hill, though that can be explained by his creative endeavors. As a virtuoso guitarist he worked with Whitney Houston and Santana, but his soul wanted something more. In 2010 this something became his debut album, which immediately made it to #1, won several prizes in the genre, and was loved by it’s listeners being named one of the best releases of the year.

The first album has now been replaced by a new one. Here Shambhu filled the gap by getting Ackerman to join in the role of producer and invited to the studio an unbelievable number of stars, beginning with Jeff Oster (horn), George Brooks (sax) and ending with Charlie Bisharat (violin), Frank Martin (piano) and Eugene Friesen (cello).

It worked out as a “dream team” ensemble and they have recorded one of the best albums of the year. Yes, without running ahead and hastening lines of the review, I will say exactly that. “Dreaming of Now” is an example of flawless work of the producers and studio engineer creating a feeling that these players are playing live around you, right inside your home. This creates a miraculous and welcoming atmosphere.

But above all, “Dreaming of Now” is impressive, soulful music, presenting itself an elegant and actual fusion of light jazz, blues chord, classical influences, pop and rock variations, and also typical American country, helping one imagine never ending sun-filled space symbolizing real freedom. One could also imagine or even make real a romantic date, sunset at the sea, sunrise in the mountains, and being present in a cozy sanctuary.

In a word, during the feelings of calm and relaxation this album will bring you, imagine anything you like; this album – filled with light, love and warmth of heartfelt feelings – will help you. The absolutely unparalleled pieces are “Rendezvous”, “Country Aire”, “Windows of Time,” and” Jasmine”.  Other songs are of the same quality.

In the process of creating the “second album,” Shambhu has excelled, composing and recording with a great company of friends emotional and impeccably beautiful compositions, telling simple but wise and kind stories using the universal language of music, and it feels simply very good for one’s soul.

Thanks to Albert Nazander for the Russian-English translation.  Visit Ascentor Blog for the Russian language post.

 One of the reasons I enjoy Shambhu’s guitar work so much is that there’s always something different…. something interesting… & this CD takes that a couple of steps further than the last one I reviewed from him.

As you listen to the high energy on “Starbucks Landing“, you’ll feel the groove I’m talking about – lots of movement, lots of talent in abundance!

If you prefer something a bit more laid-back, you’ll enjoy “Rendezvous“… no doubt about it; then instruments blend seamlessly all the way through this wonderful song.

My personal favorite of the 11 songs offered up was the full-bodied “Searching“…. you’ll feel like he & his crew are right there in your living room playing for you.  I give Shambhu a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98.  Get more information at the Shambhu website.        Rotcod Zzaj

Following the acclaim of his debut album, Sacred Love, guitarist Shambhu brings his instrumental reveries to new heights of heartfelt ensemble brilliance.

With a luminous troupe of master musicians, Shambhu weaves his spirit-freeing songs into the joyous tapestry of Dreaming of Now.  

The album’s co-producer, Will Ackerman, pioneering founder and guitar genius of Windham Hill Records, describes it as “bold, assured composition and performance which unquestionably establishes Shambhu as not only a principal player in the New Age world, but also as a force to be reckoned with in a far broader spectrum of musical styles and genres.”

~ East West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA

Dreaming of Now at CD and iTunes.


As you can imagine, producing a CD like “Dreaming of Now” takes a tremendous amount of time and effort by a team of people. Dreaming of Now features the finest musical artists on their instruments and an award winning production and engineering team.  I’ll talk more about these amazing folks in another post.

I want to acknowledge some very special friends each with their own special gifts – who made financial commitments that helped me kickstart this project.  You are my dearest friends and I’ve thanked each of you personally. But I want to publicly acknowledge your kindness and generosity and appreciate that you are part of my story and my life.

Todd and Andrea Boston
Aparajita Fishman
Deborah and Jeff Dorman
Geoffrey and Sophie Menin
Christina “CK” Kerley
Lucian Kanu Balmer
Michelle Garder
Scott Bourne
Joshua Lunior
Hiyamallar Daniel Shalom
Albert Nazander
Jonas Forth
Olli Günst
Laura Sullivan
Pavaka Stephane Richot

We’re excited to reveal the cover from Shambhu’s upcoming CD, “Dreaming of Now”- a remarkable image by Bill Atkinson, a photographer and renowned developer of Apple. We want to offer special thanks to Bill Atkinson for offering this image for use on “Dreaming of Now.”

Bill has spent more than forty years refining his vision as a photographer – hiking through forests and deserts; lugging camera gear through rain, mud and snow; seeking out the special light that reveals hidden beauty. Through intimate landscapes and close-up details, Atkinson’s photographs highlight and celebrate the wonders of nature.

As a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer, Atkinson designed much of the initial Macintosh user interface and wrote the original QuickDraw, MacPaint and HyperCard software. After years of designing software tools to empower other creative people, Atkinson is now empowered in his own art by the accuracy and creative control made possible by the digital printing process. In recent years, Atkinson has explored the miniature landscapes hidden within stones. By photographing cut and polished rocks he has created an extensive collection of evocative images that look more like abstract paintings than photographs. These photographs are featured in Atkinson’s photography book, “Within the Stone.”

Shambhu added, “I’m so grateful to feature Bill’s beautiful photograph on “Dreaming of Now”. His exquisite photography and transcendent technological achievements embody a perfect perfection which I seek to reflect in my own music and work.”

Special thanks to producer Will Ackerman for the cover concept and to Tyler Nilson for the CD cover design.

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