Recording Session for Soothe.


I began my Recording Journey for CD3 on March 12-13 at Magic Cottage Studios (Lagunitas, CA) with Todd Boston co-producing and Andrea M. Boston covering photography and videography. Here are some outtakes from the first sessions.


I’ll be writing more about the album, the session and the players, in posts to follow.


Dreaming400pixelReally thankful for Michael Debbage’s review of “Dreaming of Now” at

Shambhu’s follow up effort shows an artist that has not only blossomed but has also formally announced himself as a ready for prime time musician. The only question is in which genre? It does not matter as Shambhu takes elements of World, Smooth Jazz, New Age and Meditative qualities to create a musical experience that you will like from start to finish making it one of 2013’s finest releases. 

As I approached recording Dreaming of Now, I recalled the excitement I felt performing live at East-West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA and wanted to recreate the freshness of a live performance on my next CD.

Adam Muñoz and Shambhu at Fantasy Studios

In July 2012 I booked a weekend at Fantasy Studios, Studio D, in Berkeley, CA with myself producing and Adam Muñoz as recording engineer.

Joining me were the world’s best instrumentalists: George Brooks (sax), Kai Eckhardt (bass), Frank Martin (piano) and Celso Albert (drums). We recorded 12 songs over two days and had an incredibly fun weekend together.

In the Fall I invited percussionist Jeff Haynes (who recorded on my debut CD Sacred Love), to add percussion to those 12 tracks from his own home studio in Beacon, NY. Grammy-winning recording engineer Corin Nelsen, who did the honors on Sacred Love, engineered Jeff’s sessions.

In October 2012, I took all the tracks to Imaginary Road Studio in Windham County, VT, the home of Grammy Award-winning producer Will Ackerman and recording engineer Thomas Eaton. We re-recorded all the acoustic guitars and added cello – with Will Ackerman producing. Over a week’s time, we redid guitar on 8 songs, added Eugene Friesen’s cello to 4 songs, and I also flowed three new songs (Sanctuary, Dreaming of Now and Searching) live in studio – that appear on Dreaming of Now.

By December 2012, Thomas Eaton completed the first rough mix, which was so impressive that I added Tom as co-producer along with myself and Will Ackerman.

In early 2013, I met Will Ackerman at Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, and we recorded violinist Charlie Bisharat on two songs with Will Ackerman producing.

By summer I was hearing keyboard and string  pads for many of the songs. So I got together with keyboardist Frank Martin, featured throughout the CD, who graced the songs with gorgeous tones that completed them. Celso Alberti, who played drums on almost the entire CD, engineered that very fun session.

Going into summer 2013, I spent months working with the tracks in my own studio producing Jeff Oster (flugelhorn) on Devodance and adding electric guitar solo to Starbucks Landing with Todd Boston engineering. The final recording session was with Premik Russell Tubbs who added wind synth to the title track, Dreaming of Now and Jasmine.

Once we had all the tracks done, the final mix happened at Imaginary Road Studios over a week’s time working with Thomas Eaton and Will Ackerman.

This summer, Tom mastered Dreaming of Now at Thomas Eaton Recording in Newburyport, MA… and then we were done. Two years in the making, and almost three years to the day when Sacred Love was released.

Top two photos by Mario Covic.

Will Ackerman / Imaginary Road Studio –

Thomas Eaton Recording –


As you can imagine, producing a CD like “Dreaming of Now” takes a tremendous amount of time and effort by a team of people. Dreaming of Now features the finest musical artists on their instruments and an award winning production and engineering team.  I’ll talk more about these amazing folks in another post.

I want to acknowledge some very special friends each with their own special gifts – who made financial commitments that helped me kickstart this project.  You are my dearest friends and I’ve thanked each of you personally. But I want to publicly acknowledge your kindness and generosity and appreciate that you are part of my story and my life.

Todd and Andrea Boston
Aparajita Fishman
Deborah and Jeff Dorman
Geoffrey and Sophie Menin
Christina “CK” Kerley
Lucian Kanu Balmer
Michelle Garder
Scott Bourne
Joshua Lunior
Hiyamallar Daniel Shalom
Albert Nazander
Jonas Forth
Olli Günst
Laura Sullivan
Pavaka Stephane Richot

EWBSacred Love is the 4th best selling CD at East-West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA. If you’re in the area, visit this beautiful store and buy copies for friends and family. East-West is an oasis — a resource for conscious living with amazing products for a holistic life of peace, love, calm, and joy. Looking for a beautiful scarf from Tibet, Wayne Dyer’s latest book,  a Buddha statue for your shrine, or a seminar on chanting? This is the place to visit.

We are also forever delighted that East-West hosted Shambhu’s sold-out performance last November with David DiLullo and friends…and we hope to set up a new concert date soon.

Thanks Paul for your wonderful review of Sacred Love in the Marin Independent Journal.

Shambhu has created a CD that is peaceful, evocative, pleasantly listenable and gracefully musical.”

~Paul Liberatore

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