Shambhu performs a new song, “Knowingness”, live at Pilgrimage Yoga in San Diego.



Dreaming of Now, Shambhu's latest CD
Dreaming of Now, Shambhu’s latest CD

While Shambhu generated a tranquil new age vibe on his debut album four years ago, this time the guitarist opts for a thicker fusion sound on his sophomore effort.

This heavier jazz-rock approach is evidenced by the greater presence of electric guitar in addition to acoustic guitar, as well as more defined melodies and chord progressions.

The sound is fuller and richer, thanks especially to an abundance of horns. Shambhu also gets solid support from a stellar lineup of musicians: George Brooks on saxophone, Eugene Friesen on cello, Premik Russell Tubbs on wind instruments, Jeff Haynes on percussion, Charlie Bisharat on violin, Frank Martin on keyboards, Jeff Oster on flugelhorn, and Celso Alberti on drums.

His two releases so far show Shambhu to be a varied and diverse composer and, of course, a thoughtful, creative, and fluid guitarist.

Raj Manoharan (Rajman Reviews)

Following the acclaim of his debut album, Sacred Love, guitarist Shambhu brings his instrumental reveries to new heights of heartfelt ensemble brilliance.

With a luminous troupe of master musicians, Shambhu weaves his spirit-freeing songs into the joyous tapestry of Dreaming of Now.  

The album’s co-producer, Will Ackerman, pioneering founder and guitar genius of Windham Hill Records, describes it as “bold, assured composition and performance which unquestionably establishes Shambhu as not only a principal player in the New Age world, but also as a force to be reckoned with in a far broader spectrum of musical styles and genres.”

~ East West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA

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We’re excited to reveal the cover from Shambhu’s upcoming CD, “Dreaming of Now”- a remarkable image by Bill Atkinson, a photographer and renowned developer of Apple. We want to offer special thanks to Bill Atkinson for offering this image for use on “Dreaming of Now.”

Bill has spent more than forty years refining his vision as a photographer – hiking through forests and deserts; lugging camera gear through rain, mud and snow; seeking out the special light that reveals hidden beauty. Through intimate landscapes and close-up details, Atkinson’s photographs highlight and celebrate the wonders of nature.

As a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer, Atkinson designed much of the initial Macintosh user interface and wrote the original QuickDraw, MacPaint and HyperCard software. After years of designing software tools to empower other creative people, Atkinson is now empowered in his own art by the accuracy and creative control made possible by the digital printing process. In recent years, Atkinson has explored the miniature landscapes hidden within stones. By photographing cut and polished rocks he has created an extensive collection of evocative images that look more like abstract paintings than photographs. These photographs are featured in Atkinson’s photography book, “Within the Stone.”

Shambhu added, “I’m so grateful to feature Bill’s beautiful photograph on “Dreaming of Now”. His exquisite photography and transcendent technological achievements embody a perfect perfection which I seek to reflect in my own music and work.”

Special thanks to producer Will Ackerman for the cover concept and to Tyler Nilson for the CD cover design.

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Geoffrey MeninGeoff and ShambhuYou are cordially invited to attend a very special evening of music featuring myself performing with the gifted composer and pianist Geoffrey Menin, in a benefit performance for the Fortunate Blessings Foundation and the Save the Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund.

Geoffrey and I met in 1972, formed a fast friendship and spiritual connection and played countless parties for friends and family. This is the first time we are collaborating for a concert of original music, and our dedication of the evening to helping our sisters and brothers in Japan makes the concert even more meaningful.

Geoffrey has been writing and performing music in many genres for his entire life. Above all he plays from the heart and conveys a richness of spirit, wisdom and purpose that is rare. He has performed with musicians ranging from Buddy Miles, Stanley Jordan and Charlie Daniels to Paul Winter and Yo Yo Ma.  This evening will feature the premiere of a new suite of original compositions dedicated to the well-being of the Japanese people.

I’ll be doing tunes from “Sacred Love” along with some new compositions I’m excited to share. Plus Geoffrey and I will collaborate on our respective music and all in the context of compassion for and oneness with the Japanese people who are rebuilding their lives, their families, their homes, and their dreams.

BUY TICKETS: Seating capacity is limited. Pay at the door tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We expect this show to sell out quickly.

Please join us!

Saturday, April 16 at 6:30 pm

211 West 58th Street
(between Broadway and 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10019

EWBSacred Love is the 4th best selling CD at East-West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA. If you’re in the area, visit this beautiful store and buy copies for friends and family. East-West is an oasis — a resource for conscious living with amazing products for a holistic life of peace, love, calm, and joy. Looking for a beautiful scarf from Tibet, Wayne Dyer’s latest book,  a Buddha statue for your shrine, or a seminar on chanting? This is the place to visit.

We are also forever delighted that East-West hosted Shambhu’s sold-out performance last November with David DiLullo and friends…and we hope to set up a new concert date soon.

Thanks Paul for your wonderful review of Sacred Love in the Marin Independent Journal.

Shambhu has created a CD that is peaceful, evocative, pleasantly listenable and gracefully musical.”

~Paul Liberatore

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