EWBSacred Love is the 4th best selling CD at East-West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA. If you’re in the area, visit this beautiful store and buy copies for friends and family. East-West is an oasis — a resource for conscious living with amazing products for a holistic life of peace, love, calm, and joy. Looking for a beautiful scarf from Tibet, Wayne Dyer’s latest book,  a Buddha statue for your shrine, or a seminar on chanting? This is the place to visit.

We are also forever delighted that East-West hosted Shambhu’s sold-out performance last November with David DiLullo and friends…and we hope to set up a new concert date soon.


Thanks Paul for your wonderful review of Sacred Love in the Marin Independent Journal.

Shambhu has created a CD that is peaceful, evocative, pleasantly listenable and gracefully musical.”

~Paul Liberatore

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Live Shambhu at East-West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA.

November 20. 2010

34 – Shambhu Live – “Country Aire”

33 – Shambhu Live – “Spirit Oasis”

32 – Shambhu and Todd Boston Practice

31 – Shambhu Live Soundcheck -“Devodance”

30 – Shambhu Live – David DiLullo and Michael Manring Solos

29 – Shambhu Live – “Devodance”with Jeff Oster and Todd Boston

28 -Shambhu Live – Solo – “Humility”

27 -Shambhu Live – “Eyes of a Child” with Todd Boston

26 – Shambhu Band – Rehearsal for East-West Bookstore Performance:

Shambhu – guitars

Michael Manring – bass

Jeff Oster – flugelhorn and trumpet

Dave DiLullo – percussion

Todd Boston – guitar, dotar and flutes

Troy Arnett – piano

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All compositions Copyright 2010 by Shambhu.

Published by Sacred Love Music (BMI).

Selected excerpts from a review by Raj Manoharan at RajMan Reviews

Sacred Love is one of the most beautiful and most impressive guitar albums I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. One of the photographs on the CD, of Shambhu smiling meekly with his hand over his heart, might lead listeners to think that they are about to hear a collection of ponderous instrumental musings typically associated with New Age music. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But this is not that album. (Incidentally, the photograph is appropriate in that it conveys the sense of the music coming from Shambhu’s heart and making its way into those of listeners, which it does).

The CD is brimming with masterfully played, boundary-crossing tunes touching everything from New Age and fusion to world music and smooth jazz. In fact, several cuts are radio-friendly and would be right at home on commercial jazz stations.

Sacred Love is an album that will satisfy many musical palates, not just those of guitar music fans. Shambhu is an artist to keep a close eye on. Hopefully this is the first of many more wonderful new albums to emerge from his creative vision.

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I really enjoyed this photo shoot with Shalom Ormsby and Tyler Nilson for “Sacred Love”. Some nice playing too from this soulful session. Watch here

166_6647Yesterday I did my third listening party for “Sacred Love,” my new CD. I wanted to share some of the comments below.

The CD is in its final rough mix. It’s an enjoyable listen. It works for audio enthusiasts. Folks who love melody and great performances. It’s multi-cultural with diverse artists. And it’s heartfelt with richness, elegance and nuance in each note.

Several listeners are elevating the experience to healing. For others its a contemplative, soulful introspection. Music is such an ideal platform for healing and self-knowledge. So honored to be there with you in these experiences where you add your love and inspiration to the music.

Here are some early comments.

“We have spent the morning listening, uplifted on the sound waves. Artistry and joy and sacred love flow through each piece. Your fellow musicians are each their own revelation. This album is amazing.” (~B.B., Tallahassee, FL)

“Shambhu is a wonderful musician and being. His music takes me back to some of my earliest guitar heroes, Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull and of course, John McLaughlin. Shambhu’s style and playing are awesome and will have a wide appeal.” (~D.T., Tallahassee, FL)

“Profound. Amazing!” (~D.L., Tiburon, CA)

“All I can say is Wow. I almost cried…You must be so proud of this project. Listening to your music is tremendously satisfying for me – partly because I just plain like it – and partly because it’s from you.” (~A.V., Merrick, NY)

“I am taken aback by how stirring it is to the soul. Each song took me to a new place in my mind and soul. Great stuff!” (~A.M., Farmingdale, NY)

“Sacred Love is way off the charts!” (~A.B, Montana)

“I’m spellbound…” (L.B., Corte Madera, CA)

“Shambhu’s guitar playing is exquisite…powerful and delicate at the same time. At each point there’s a full bodied presentation of each note that embodies a deep consciousness in terms of the Source and display and presence of the musical field that one is experiencing. There is a depth there and Shambhu mined it.” (A.U., Sebastopol, CA)

“The album is delicate and courageous. Each time I listen, I find new gifts in it.” (D.L., San Jose, CA)

“It’s got it all: achingly lush beauty, spiritual yearning from the depths of the heart, a rich tapestry of sounds from a plethora of extremely talented musicians (including your good self) who were obviously firing on all cylinders and quite simply cooking on every beat of every song – it’s self-evident that this CD was a labor of joyful love on everyone’s part. I really don’t know how you do it, but please, please, keep on doing it!” (U.T., Queens, NY)

“Shambhu Vineberg’s latest album “Sacred Love” is literally a master-piece collection…moving, inspiration, and intriguing–something called soulful music.” (V.K., India)

“Sacred Love is an exquisite gift to children and families. Whether for relaxation, rest or focused study time – this music is a source of calm and inspiration. The latest brain research clearly shows that students perform best when they are well rested and not stressed. The tracks on Sacred Love are ideally suited to help students remain in a relaxed frame of mind – and spirit – for optimum performance and personal fulfillment. For parents it is a perfect respite from the hectic energy of the day. I only wish this soothing music could be played each in every household – what a peaceful world it would be! ”
-(A.K. Chevy Chase, MD)

(Photo by Allyn Vineberg)