Had a great time playing a show with multi-instrumentalist Oman Ken. I’ll be posting videos and audio in the coming weeks.

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“Edge of Eternal”, among Shambhu’s most popular songs, featuring Eugene Friesen (cello), Jill Haley (English horn), Jeff Haynes (percussion), Noah Wilding (vocals), and Shambhu (guitars). Produced by Will Ackerman and Shambhu.

Shambhu brings down a sublime feeling in the first solo performance of “Revelation” live in San Diego.

Thanks to Sujantra McKeever, Martin Stamper and Tom Warner from Pilgrimage Yoga.


Ricochet Echoes CDListen to Shambhu live on Ricochets – The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 20 – featuring ‘Revelation’ performed with Eugene Friesen and Premik Russell Tubbs.

Epic voices from the 1990s, children of progressive rock, global music explorers and a new sound of ambient pop form part of the roadmap to Ricochets, our 20th volume of live Echoes performances. Here’s some track-by-track insight into what happened when these live performances occurred.

Shambhu, John Diliberto, Eugene Friesen, Premik Tubbs

“Dreaming of Now” won the 2013 Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the ZMR Music Awards Show in New Orleans.


Shambhu with co-producers Will Ackerman and Thomas Eaton.
Shambhu with co-producers Will Ackerman and Thomas Eaton.