“Dreaming of Now” Review: Retailing Insight Magazine

Dreaming400pixelDreaming of NowShambhu (Acoustic Shine)

On Dreaming of Now, guitarist Shambhu’s follow-up to his acclaimed solo debut, Sacred Love: Feel the Journey, the artist has assembled a great cast of supporting players to supplement his blend of jazz, pop, and adult contemporary guitar instrumentals.

Helmed by the producing/mastering duo of Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, the CD travels a winding musical road from the uptempo, joyful opening track, “Waterfall,” to the gently rocking “Windows of Time,” the rollicking “Starbucks Landing,” the pensive “Searching,” and the serene closer, “Sanctuary.”

Some songs may bring to mind the classic jazz fusion of two pioneering groups: Shadowfax and Spyrogyra (minus the latter’s urban emphasis).

~Bill Binkelman

Retailing Insight