Shambhu’s “Dreaming of Now”: Thanks to my Friends

As you can imagine, producing a CD like “Dreaming of Now” takes a tremendous amount of time and effort by a team of people. Dreaming of Now features the finest musical artists on their instruments and an award winning production and engineering team.  I’ll talk more about these amazing folks in another post.

I want to acknowledge some very special friends each with their own special gifts – who made financial commitments that helped me kickstart this project.  You are my dearest friends and I’ve thanked each of you personally. But I want to publicly acknowledge your kindness and generosity and appreciate that you are part of my story and my life.

Todd and Andrea Boston
Aparajita Fishman
Deborah and Jeff Dorman
Geoffrey and Sophie Menin
Christina “CK” Kerley
Lucian Kanu Balmer
Michelle Garder
Scott Bourne
Joshua Lunior
Hiyamallar Daniel Shalom
Albert Nazander
Jonas Forth
Olli Günst
Laura Sullivan
Pavaka Stephane Richot