Celebrity Cafe: Review of Sacred Love

Sacred Love’ by Shambhu
Jon Duck

The debut CD released by Shambhu has been going off the charts ever since it dropped back in October.

This 12-track masterpiece shows what World, New Age, and Ambient music is all about.

He has wonderful guitar skills. All throughout the album his elaborate guitar work can be heard. Not only is he a master on the classical, he is a visionary composer. It is very difficult to distinguish which one of these talents outweighs the other.

Many fans of New Age around the world have already started to enjoy Shambhu’s music and there will be many more fans developed in years to come.

Sacred Love is not only being accepted well by the fans but also by the critics. Zone Music Reporter has nominated the album as CD of the Year, Best New Artist, Best World Music CD, and Best Acoustic Instrumental.

Please, don’t let all of those nominations scare you away. Take a listen to this wonderful artist. Support him by checking out his debut album, Sacred Love.

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