Review by Serge Kozlovsky

Check out this sweet review of Sacred Love by Serge Kozlovsky, a highly regarded music reviewer from Belarus.

It is the highest joy
To feel the taste of life

Shambhu’s music is very expressive. It easily plunges you into an exciting world. In general, Shambhu’s guitar solo is weightless and deeply meditative. It is free from pain and suffering. His music inspires you to open your heart and to hear the vibrations of love and compassion. It gives a rest for your soul and helps to achieve clearness for your mind.

“Sacred Love” is the debut album by Shambhu. It was produced by legendary Windham Hill Records founder and Grammy winner Will Ackerman. Many first class musicians have participated on the recording of this release. As a result “Sacred Love” is a multicolored carpet which imbues with the aromas of various cultures and musical traditions.

The debut album by Shambhu has the unique, mesmeric flavor of the music of India. And at the same time it is a really western born project. Cello, violin and other parts of traditional instruments bring tenderness and a classical charm to “Sacred Love”.

One wants to listen to these fine tunes very attentively in order to not to miss each nuance. Shambhu’s music is penetrated by many subtle details and when you listen to the composition “Imagine” you, without effort, are able to recognize the thoughtful and slightly ringing guitar of Will Ackerman. His touching soul manner of performing cannot be confused with anybody else.

In conclusion I’d like to say that “Sacred Love” has a perfect sound design. Its sounding is pure and exquisite. When I listened to the album of Shambhu one thought appeared in my mind again and again: how could I live without this wonderful music all the time before?

Serge Kozlovsky