New Age Reviews: Sacred Love

Here is the english translation of a wonderful review of Sacred Love by Alejandro Clavijo González in New Age Reviews (Spain).

The debut of composer and guitarist Shambhu is entitled Sacred Love. It is an award-winning work in which the artist features his guitar through different genres on the same CD, from the soft sound of jazz rhythm merging into perfect music for healing and suitable for mantra. Enjoying the sound of different instruments, Shambhu is accompanied by fantastic musicians who are featured  prominently in different parts accompanying his guitar. Great artists such as Will Ackerman himself, who also co-produced Sacred Love, accompanying on guitar, Tony Levin on bass, George Brooks on sax, Jeff Haynes on percussion, Eugene Friesen on cello, Charlie Bisharat on violin, Ravichandra Kulur on flute, Celso Alberti on drums, and many other talents who enhance the already fascinating compositions of Shambhu.

It starts with the best.  The CD opens with “Together”, a seductive and interesting piece with a rhythmic sound and melody. Shambhu plays guitar and introduces the melody that slowly evolves over the gentle rhythm of kalimba, bass, sarod, and percussion. Other instruments, like violin, play some amazing solos. What a beauty! My favorite.

“Edge of Eternal” is an intimate and very delicate composition featuring soft guitar strums and notes, slow and fragile, and these are followed with great tenderness by the voice of Noah Wilding, Eugene Friesen’s cello and English horn by Jill Haley. It’s another of Shambhu’s amazing and exciting compositions. I like it!

He displays a deep innocense in “Eyes of a Child.” This touching and kind work is like the sweet notes of a lullaby written for guitar and Shambhu’s instrument is infused with a superhuman passion, achieving a vivid and really emotional feeling. Another wonder of Sacred Love!

“Natural Moment” rules with a mysterious and haunting Eastern rhythm. This piece reveals surprises, like the piano of the great Rocky Fretz, who adds life to the composition born into a magical dance of the guitar, violin, sitar and other instruments.

In “Revelation”, Shambhu’s guitar arpeggios convey an amazing sweetness and accompaniment for the other instruments. One of the most exciting songs of the entire album, “Revelation” has a deep, nostalgic tone that reveals great depth. The cello and English horn describe a passionate and most beautiful music. I like it!

Three great artists are featured on the composition “Imagine.” Shambhu and Will Ackerman on guitar and bassist Michael Manring give life to this serene work, a piece in which the guitars come together to offer a loving and thoughtful music, creator of wonderful dreams.

Shambhu’s solo guitar opens “Maui Breeze.” He creates a subtle rhythm with the beat of percussion and voice of singer Claytoven Richardson. Radiant and optimistic with a nice, quiet feel, “Maui Breeze” is mesmerizing.

“Nirab Amare” lets us go deep within and feel illumination. So sweet, so slow, the music is created by Shambhu’s arpeggios that accompany the soothing flute of Premik Russell Tubbs and bird calls and natural sounds of Windham County, in Vermont. A great way to say: “Restful”. Another of my favorites!

The amazing beauty of “Hide and Seek” lies not only in composition, but also in the two voices of the main melody of this impressive work, the voices of Claytoven and Michael Denten. Shambhu just follows the voices with arpeggios, percussion and bass to maintain the flow of this very catchy music. It’s peaceful composition and I love it.

Guitar, flute and sax give life to “Shiva Grove”, a track where two instruments maintain a relaxed conversation, while the guitar creates a musical background. George Brooks on sax and Ravichandra Kulur on flute create a most interesting fusion, as if the jazz and Eastern music were united in a new genre. A perfect, relaxing music for meditation.

“Call to Spirit.”  The feeling of the East winds again in another piece by Shambhu, but this time with great force. Another perfect music for meditation and relaxation, as mysterious Indian chants emerge to the passage of sound of the guitar, cello, flute, percussion and some bells.

As a finale to Sacred Love, Shambhu opts for a bonus track titled “Humility.” This is the larger theme of the album, more than seven minutes of great peace and harmony, where alternating guitar and flute melodies on Asian instrument sound are maintained from start to finish. I like it!

Sacred Love is the launch of the new award-winning composer and guitarist Shambhu. A great job with rich melodies and fascinating compositions where no one piece goes unnoticed to the listener. The different rhythms and nuances in these twelve interesting songs create a power of seduction difficult to explain. Sacred Love is a very highly recommended album. Check it out!

5 Stars of out 5