O’Dwyers Report: For Tech PR Pro, Album is Decades in Making


Excerpted From O’Dwyers Public Relations Report

For Tech PR Pro, Album is Decades in Making
By Greg Hazley

Technology PR veteran Neil Vineberg worked some of the tech sector’s most hallowed accounts during his 30 years in the business. But always  on the periphery of his professional efforts at agencies like Middleberg Euro RSCG, GolinHarris and Dentsu was a deep connection with music.

So one could say Vineberg’s October debut album, “Sacred Love – Feel the Journey,” was decades in the making and the fulfillment of a project that was on his back burner through the 1980s, ’90s and ’00s, amid more pressing concerns in the revved up world of tech publicity.

But when business slowed a bit in early 2010, Vineberg, who has taken the spiritual name of “Shambhu,” saw his first real opportunity to publish his original works — instrumental tunes that feature a jazzy,  New Age sound supported by a menagerie of instruments and skilled players.

“I’ve really had this music project on the shelf since I was 21,” he said.

The result is a 12-track journey that Vineberg calls a “spiritual” and “uplifting” journey. He says the album is an attempt at storytelling through music, only a slight departure, he says, from his years spent crafting narratives for clients through news and other PR tactics. Years of studying meditation, as well as music, also helped produce the landscape of “Sacred Love,” he said.

Opening with an acoustic jaunt, “Together,” and closing with the seven-minute, ethereal epic “Humility,” Vineberg’s songs conjure sonic landscapes and showcase tight, melodic guitar riffs, pleasantly meandering flute, as well as sax, cello, violin and other instruments. An executive who spent a lifetime writing and honing publicity didn’t make a lyrical album; he lets the layers of sound convey the message on “Sacred Love.”

“I know I’m doing this at the most unlikely age, but I think music can bridge social misunderstandings and bring people together,” he said. “So why not now.”

The album is on iTunes here: