How many ways can you make a guitar sound awesome? Let Todd Boston show you the ways.

Todd Boston, sarod on Shambhu "Sacred Love"
Todd Boston, sarod on Shambhu "Sacred Love"

Marin County in California is host to many soulful musicians, artists, spiritualists, seekers, healers, teachers and conscious people.

A favorite and treasured performer in California’s conscious communities from San Diego to San Francisco is composer and multi-instrumentalist Todd Boston.

I first heard about Todd from Mario Covic and Jai Zeta, and caught his performance last year with John Friend. After that we met up and jammed some soulful sounds. And our paths continued to intersect with fun results. I am  honored that Todd’s soulful sarod adds heart power to Together on my CD, Sacred Love.

Todd is happening right now…His latest release, Alive,  is the Featured Album of the Month on John Diliberto‘s Echoes (airing on 170 radio stations). That is so indicative of the distinctive style and quality of his music and guitar playing. Alive will be your best friend for studying, chilling, traveling, zoning in or zoning out. Alive raises you up in all dimensions. And you’ll be humming the melodies of Alive which are way catchy.

Todd Boston’s music is heartfelt, creative, soulful, joyful, inventive and fun. It’s guitar playing you can groove to, it is soulfully reflective, and it’s from the heart so it will brighten every moment.

Thanks for the tracks, brother!