Shambhu Fan News (August 3 2010)

If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you probably know that “Sacred Love” has been recorded, mastered, and is being duplicated right now.

FACEBOOK LISTENING PARTY: Visit my Fan Page on August 15th from 7 pm-2 am eastern to hear “Sacred Love.” That’s where I’ll announce where fans and friends can buy the CD in advance of the actual release. Join the Fan Page.

The CD is being released officially on August 27th in New York.

YOUTUBE ROCKS: We’ve hit 1.6 million impressions on YouTube for my video series, “The Making of Sacred Love,” with 9,500 video views. This is a pretty cool since the CD is still several weeks from launch. There are 25 webisodes in “The Making of Sacred Love” series at And the 8-page “Guide to Sacred Love” which accompanies the physical version of the CD, lists the various Webisodes so you can watch each song in the process of creation.

YOUTUBE HIGHLIGHTS: Watch these incredible artists and the fun adventures as we created the CD:

Michael Manring (bass)
Premik Russell Tubbs (flute)
Will Ackerman and Corin Nelsen
Adam Ayan (Gateway Mastering)
Photo Session for the Cover
Visit to Taylor Guitars

I am playing and endorsing Taylor Guitars and it’s a honor. I played a GS-6 acoustic on the CD and just picked up an 816-CE acoustic/electric for live performances. Watch the Taylor Guitars video to see the new instrument.

NEW YORK LISTENING PARTIES – I am in New York August 18-30 doing listening parties at homes and yoga centers. Bring together 20 friends and I’ll come over and conduct a listening party for the CD. I’ll even play a few tunes live. Write me at and I’ll coordinate with you.

Thanks so much for your support. I hope to see you soon!

~~ Shambhu ~~