Shambhu Song Notes: “Together”

IMG_3099I’m all about peace. I believe future success and prosperity in our world depends on how effectively we come together as a people and solve the issues that divide us by border, religion, culture and ethnicity. We are all in life together. We are really one heart. And every day we have a chance to feel our oneness and spread ‘good’ in our schools, religious institutions, families and neighborhoods. Our lives and futures are interdependent. I depend on you; you depend on me. We rely on each other to do the right things. In that spirit is my song, “Together.”

It is one of several songs that came through on New Years eve (2009). Instead of partying with friends, I spent New Years eve in my studio in a grateful homage to the powerful flow of music that was pouring through me. I was alone in the studio and from 10 pm to 1 am, music was in tsunami much that I cried several times listening to it. There was so much inspiration flowing that in a 35 minute piece of music, there emerged 5 or 6 fine songs. I spent about a week exploring them and evolving parts for bass, sitar, marimba, kalimba, pads, percussion, drums, etc. My close friends have heard the entire evening’s music. Inside that 35 minute piece was a tune I broke out into its own life: “Together.”

“Together” is soulfully hopeful, in the zone and confident in the future. An instrumental refrain repeats as a sort of anthem or mantra, and evolves its dimension organically with each repetition. Instruments come in… improvs emerge. From start to finish, the song is a unifying joy ride that aims to resonate a relaxed, shining optimism and willful intention for good.

On the track being recorded now are bassist Tony Levin (has performed with Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon), percussionist Jeff Haynes (toured with Pat Metheny) and myself on guitars. We’ll be announcing the drummer on the track soon.

“Together” is about one family, one community, one world. That’s the spirit in this song. The hope and the dream.