Day 3 – Shambhu at Imaginary Road Studios

Day 3 was gorgeous. Had a nice jam in Keene, New Hampshire, the prior evening with Rhine Singleton, a friend of my business advisor John Degen. John was up for the recording sessions and he drove me over the meet Rhine for dinner and a jam. Rhine is a terrific songwriter and guitarist and we had a wonderful time playing through several of his songs as well as a few of mine.

This day the weather finally turned for the better and a gorgeous Vermont Spring Day was blessing us me as I arrived at the studio for a 10 am start. We moved into the solo on Spring which I’d been practicing the night before and had not really come up with a definitive solution by 3 am. Now we were in the studio. Will suggested I play fewer notes and wrap lots of space around them. After a few takes he walked into the studio and was clearly emotionally affected by my playing…I had nailed it for him and he was pleased.

IMG_4839Will then had the amazing idea to add vocalist Noah Wilding to Spring and she spent about 1.5 hours working on some solutions that were simply celestial. After that I wanted to get back to another new song, called Hide and Seek so I played it for Will on my iPhone and he said, “Lets do it.”

We took lunch first. Michael Millard, from Froggy Bottom Guitars, had come by to see Will, who performs on these exquisite hand-made guitars which I definitely need to check out. We had lunch on the porch of Will’s nearby home and then I headed back to the studio to lay down more tracks.

By the time the day was ending, I told Corin I wanted to play some improvs to a D-tamboura drone. So I got into my deeply personal contemplative space, and laid down a 20 minute track called “Humility”. My hope is to include half of that track on the new CD.

Next up will be Tony Levin laying down bass guitar tracks on May 4th. Then on May 10-12 we’re adding Jeff Haynes on percussion, Noah Chase on vocals, and recording a duet with myself and Will Ackerman. On May 31, we’re in Los Angeles adding Charlie Bisharat in violin, Jeff Oster on flugelhorn, and Todd Boston on Indian flutes and sarod.