Day 2 – In the Studio

Day 2 was incredibly productive. We started with rhythm guitar on Maui Breeze and laid down a few solid tracks that Jeff Haynes and Tony Levin will power when they add their parts of the song. We then moved to the solo on Through the Eyes of a Child and I was really pleased with the final result there. Will added lots of nuance to the approach and I think folks will like it.

I had composed a new song called Spring in February and played it in studio for Will over the iPod. It was somewhat of a surprise for the session since we’ve agreed on tunes and we both came into the studio with notes to those tunes. This song he loved. So I headed into the studio and started laying down guitar parts 1, 2, and 3. The song is a blossoming inspiration with overlayed lightly picked guitar parts that sync together perfectly and create a beautiful ambient bed. As I write this on day three, Noah Wilding is adding voices to the song…and it’s sounding absolutely celestial.

Here’s a Video Report on Day 2.